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Professor Ratings & Grade Distribution Data for Megan Sethi

Megan Sethi
Professor (2012 – 2013)
Cal Poly - Pomona (Pomona)
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HST 202


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HST 202
United States History
Pros: 3 easy group assignments

no quizzes, no hw

gave a good amount of extra credit

no midterm, just a final

participation is 10% of your grade (i didn't say a word in class and got the 10%)

she takes attendance (10%)
Cons: All i did was sleep in that class...so boring..

I didn't buy book because it was useless and waste of money.

the final consisted of 5 short answer identification terms, 2 essays. I'm so lucky she made it an online exam. i think this was the easiest class.

Grade: A
Professor rated by: Undeclared Student on December 20, 2013
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HST 202
United States History
This class had the least amount of work out of all of my classes. I regret renting the textbook because I was fine without it and I didn't use it at all. The homework is to read the documents in the book, which I never did. She lectures throughout the whole period and sometimes she has you get into groups to answer several questions for participation towards the end of class. For me, there was only one final - no other tests were given - and she posted the study guide for the final about two weeks before the final. In the end, our final was changed to an online final, which made everything less stressful and a lot easier - since you don't have to memorize the terms anymore.

Group projects are a huge part of the grade, so make sure you get into a group that is self-motivated. The projects are fairly straightforward and she's an easy grader.

I rate this professor a five star because it turned out to be an easy A for me with the effort I put in. I also didn't learn very much in this class and I still got an A.

Professor rated by: Chemical Engineering Student on December 21, 2013
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HST 202
United States History
Pros: No Mid-term/ One final

10 "BS-able" Quizzes

Easy class for busy major
Cons: Not so interest class
I gave 4 star not because I think this is a great class, but a easy class if you are a busy engineering major who does not plan to invest too much time on a GE.

I have been busy for entire quarter on an engineering project when I take this class.

I almost never skip classes, but in that quarter I barely made to that class due to project.

I have missed 3 out of 10 quizzes that I BS all 7 and still got nearly full credit on each.

5 group assignment in total is given every two week for a 4-5 ppl group. (usually 3-5 question or 1-2 short essay)

I NEVER buy and book and NEVER read any thing.

Final has a study guide that you can wikipedia all terms inside.

In the end I received a B- while I barely do anything.
Professor rated by: Computer Science Student on June 18, 2013
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HST 202
United States History
Pros: She only requires a group assignment...an essay and also a questionnaires and written assignments (all done with your group) Very nice and replies to emails promptly
Cons: Takes attendance every class, group project only one exam so it is a huge part of your grade. The lectures are also extremely boring
Professor rated by: Anthropology Student on November 7, 2013
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