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Hao Nguyen
Professor (2007 – 2010)
Cal State-Sacramento (CSUS)
Biological Sciences
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BIO 121
Cell Physiology
Cons: Hard to understand

Moves extremely fast through topics

Doesn't allow hard copy of test to be given back to review

Doesn't Curve

average class score 66% :(
Very hard class. Either you completely understand the material or will be completely loss - no happy medium. Professor expects you to have sufficent knowledge of cellular processes simply from the Bio 1 &2 introduction classes. Nice approachable guy but doesn't give much insight in how to pass his class. 5 Midterms and 1 final all scantron. Lectures from a powerpoint created by a different professor. Never once used or referenced the textbook since the exams are solely based on the lectures he personally conducts.
Professor rated by: Biological Sciences Student on May 15, 2012
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