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Robert Schwennicke
Professor (2009 – 2010)
Cuesta College (CUES)
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MATH 287
Linear Analysis
Pros: Robert is very into math, You would be hard pressed to find someone that loves math more than he.

He likes when you are into the subject and will make time to help you one on one.
Cons: Very poor organization and lecture delivery; the worst I've seen. Fails to convey simple messages of Linear algebra and makes subjects seem much more complicated than in reality. He would tell us there wouldn't be a type of problem on an exam, then when we took the exam that same material would be on it! Students that didn't pass in my class took it later during open enrollment at Poly received A's easily. YouTube lectures actually taught us more than this man.
Robert Schwennicke is a good man and very intelligent, but it is an unfortunate experience to all that attend his course. However, he is the only choice for Cuesta students, so if you take him, find good videos on youtube of tricks to Linear Analysis, read the book, get old exams, and try not to get lost in his ridiculous lectures.
Professor rated by: Engineering Student on October 11, 2011
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