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Lino Martinez
Professor (2010 – 2011)
El Paso Community College (EPCC)
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ENGL 1302
Pros: Very knowledgeble about writing because he is a writer himself. Extremely persuasive and influential about having a positive outlook on life. Convinces you to go out and do great things in life. Well read and knows his literature.
Cons: Will not put up with disrespectful and outrageous remarks from dense students. He has a sharp mind and tongue and will use it with dim witted students who think heckling a professor is fun. Sometimes students find him a bit like a railroad train crushing them down to tiny size.
Dr. Lino Martinez is a consummate professional, very well educated and a real writer who has published atl least 3 books. He is a master manipulator and will use his superb speaking skills to persuade students that they can succeed and be a great force in life to be reckoned with if only they believe that they can accomplish great things in this world.
Professor rated by: Student on March 3, 2013
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