Frequently Asked Questions

Koofers Deals FAQs

Does it cost me any money to become a member or join?

No, it's totally free.

Why do you need my Credit Card for a free deal??

Your credit card will not be charged. Payment information is only used to verify your identity to ensure one deal per person.

How do I take advantage of a Deal?

If you want to buy the featured promotion, just click "Buy Now." You will then be taken through our secure payment process to purchase the deal.

What happens after I buy?

After you purchase, check your email for your voucher. Print the voucher, or visit My Deals to get your voucher code texted to your phone. Show the business your voucher and enjoy the savings!

Can I change or cancel my purchase?

Yes. If you would like to return any unused deals, email support@koofers.com

When do I get charged?

You will be charged upon submitting your payment information for the deal you have selected.

I purchased a voucher, now what?

Once your charge is completed, you will receive an email that contains information about your voucher and specific instructions about redeeming the voucher.

Do I need to use my voucher the same day I buy it?

No. Each voucher has the expiration date for the voucher printed on it, please make sure you use it before the expiration date.

When can I use my voucher?

Immediately after purchasing the deal. After you purchase, check your email for your voucher. Print the voucher, or visit My Deals to get your voucher code texted to your phone. Show the business your voucher and enjoy the savings!

If I don't use the full value of the voucher in one visit, can I use the rest later?

Your voucher is always good for what you paid for it and any unused promotion value is at the discretion of the merchant. If you ever have any questions, Koofers is here to help.

When does my voucher expire?

Each deal has its own expiration date. Expiration dates are printed on the deal page as well as on the voucher itself. This expiration date is binding, except where prohibited by law.

Are the vouchers transferrable?

Yes, they can be transferred to others.

Can I use multiple vouchers at once?

Most of the time, you cannot, but there are some deals that allow you to purchase multiples for yourself. Share the wealth and buy a couple extra for your friends. They'll thank you later.

What if I purchase a promotion from a merchant that goes out of business?

We try to work exclusively with businesses that have things people want, so this helps to alleviate the risk of a merchant going out of business. We will do our best to assist our customers if something happens to one of our merchants. We want you to be worry-free and will do what we can to keep that promise.

What is your return policy?

If you would like to return any unused deals, just email support@koofers.com

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers.

When will Koofers be on my campus?

We're always looking for new campuses to be involved with. If you would like to help us launch new deals on your campus, let us know at:deals@koofers.com

Textbook FAQs

There are three support resources available for the Koofers Textbook Finder.

  1. FAQ: Please consult our Textbook Finder FAQ (below) which provides answers to the most common questions about the Koofers Textbook Finder.
  2. Contact Customer Support online: http://www.koofers.com/contact-us

(Our phone lines are staffed 9am to 5pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. If one of our support representatives doesn't answer your call immediately, please leave a voicemail and we'll call you back as soon as we can.)

What is the Koofers Textbook Finder?
The Textbook Finder allows students to shop for the best prices on their textbooks from national vendors. Koofers provides students with the best prices for purchase, rental and sell-back options to meet the students' needs.

What vendors does Koofers work with?
Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, Barnes & Noble, eCampus, Textbooks.com, Chegg, Bookrenter, and Half.com.

Why is Koofers selling textbooks?
Koofers does not sell textbooks. We know that buying textbooks is a painful and expensive experience for students. We wanted to make it easier for students to find the books they need and to get the best deals for their books online.

Our center provides students with a "one-stop-shop" to find numerous options so they may make informed and financially-sound decisions about their purchases. Textbooks are actually purchased through the individual vendors. We connect students with reputable retailers who provide high quality textbooks for the best price.

Can I trust Koofers with my purchase?
Yes. Our network of book retailers includes only well-established and prominent vendors. Koofers does not have access to any payment or billing information you provide to these vendors. You purchase your books directly from the retailer.

Do I have to provide Koofers with my credit card or payment information?
No. Koofers does not receive or have access to any of your payment or billing information. You purchase your books directly from the retailer.

How much money will I save by buying my books through Koofers?
Online prices are generally significantly less than the textbook prices you see in your local bookstore. Sometimes, students can save hundreds of dollars by buying or renting their textbooks online. The exact amount of your savings will depend upon how many books you buy and which online vendor you select.

When I click on the "BUY" or "RENT" button in the Textbook Finder, am I committing to a purchase?
No. The BUY or RENT button will direct you to the vendor site that you have selected and should populate the shopping cart on that site with your textbooks. Even then, when you arrive on the vendor's site, you will still have the opportunity to review your purchase before making any commitment. To complete your purchase, you will need to provide payment and shipping information to that vendor. Or, if you choose not to proceed with that vendor, you can always return to the Koofers Textbook Finder and choose another vendor instead.

If I buy my books online, how quickly will they arrive?
Usually, within a matter of days. Online vendors realize that students need their textbooks quickly, so they process your order as fast as they can. And most vendors offer several shipping options, including overnight delivery if you really need your books in a hurry.

Will I have to pay for shipping?
It depends on the vendor you select and how quickly you want to receive your books. Several vendors provide free shipping options. And others allow you to pay for rush delivery. You must check the shipping options available from the vendor you select.

How do I track the shipment of my books?
Each of the vendors available through the Textbook Finder provides a tracking mechanism so that you can track the shipment of your order.

What if I have a problem with my purchase?
Purchases are made directly with the retailer you select, so your best choice for support will be to contact the retailer directly. If you have further questions, or are unsatisfied with the level of service you receive from your retailer, please contact us at: contact@koofers.com and we will be happy to assist you as much as we can.

Can I return books that I buy online?
Yes. Most online vendors have a process for returning books that you purchase, subject to certain restrictions. Check the return policy of the vendor you select.

Some of my books aren't carried by any of the online vendors, how come?
There are several reasons why a vendor might not have one or more of your books. First, not all vendors carry all textbooks. If the textbook you're looking for is uncommon, a vendor may choose not to carry it. Or, alternatively, even if a vendor carries a book you want, the vendor might currently be out of stock on that item. Another possibility is that your instructor may be using a custom book packet for your class - and, which are generally only sold through the local bookstore at your school.

What are "Quick Add Books"?
Normally, when you use the Textbook Finder, you first identify the classes you are taking in the upcoming semester and then identify the books you need for those classes. However, if you wish to (i) skip the process of entering your classes, or (ii) add a book to your purchase that isn't related to one of your classes, you can use the "Quick Add Books" feature. The Quick Add Books feature enables you to quickly add any book (using an ISBN number or book Title) to the set of books that you are shopping for. It's very fast and convenient. Try it out.

I cannot find my book when I search using the "Quick Add Book" function - now what?
The Quick Add Books search feature accesses a vast listing of available textbooks. It should recognize any valid ISBN number. If you're searching by Title, but having trouble finding your book, we strongly recommend you search by the ISBN number instead. If you're searching by ISBN and still having trouble, please double-check the ISBN number to make sure it is correct.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: Contact us at: contactus@koofers.com

What if I don't have the ISBN number for my book?
If you don't have the ISBN number for a book you need, you can search for that book by its Title using the book lookup feature within the Textbook Center. Please remember that many textbooks can have similar titles, so take care to confirm that you've found the right book for your class before you buy or rent it. Wherever possible, it's always best to confirm that you have found the right book by checking its ISBN number. Most instructors provide the ISBN numbers for required textbooks in the class syllabus.

What are Marketplace options?
The Koofers Textbook Finder finds the best prices available from thousands of independent vendors who sell textbooks through well-established online Marketplaces, such as Half.com and Amazon Marketplace.

What Marketplaces does Koofers support?
Koofers supports the following Marketplaces:

  • Half.com
  • Amazon Marketplace

What is an independent vendor?
Independent vendors are companies and individuals who register with the Marketplace (Half.com or Amazon Marketplace) to sell textbooks through the Marketplace. Each independent vendor completes a validation and screening process with the Marketplace to ensure the vendor is trustworthy.

Can I trust the independent vendors in the Marketplace?
The Koofers Textbook Finder only chooses independent vendors who (i) have already sold at least 100 items and received positive feedback from the buyers, and (ii) have reputation scores of 95% or better. Independent vendors who do not meet these criteria are excluded from the the Koofers Textbook Center.

Why are there multiple shipments using the Marketplace option?
The Marketplace option searches for the lowest price for each one of your textbooks. If you are buying several books, the Marketplace option will often combine results from multiple different vendors, so you can get the lowest overall price for all your books. As a result, your books may then ship from several different independent vendors.

How am I protected against receiving the wrong or damaged item?
If you have a problem with your order, contact the Marketplace provider:

If you purchased your textbooks through Half.com, see http://pages.half.ebay.com/help/buyer/buyerorderprob.html#toc-02.

If you purchased your textbooks through Amazon Marketplace, see http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=541260.

What is textbook "renting"?
"Renting" a textbook is similar to renting an apartment. You get to use the textbook for a semester or quarter. At the end of the semester or quarter, you will receive shipping materials and/or instructions from the company to send your books back to them. Very Simple! "Renting" textbooks is generally a LOT less expensive than "buying" textbooks.

If I rent - how do I return my books at the end of the semester/quarter?
The rental vendors will generally provide you with shipping materials and/or instructions to help you ship the textbooks back when the semester ends. Rental vendors make this process simple and easy.

Can I SELL my used textbooks through Koofers?
Yes! Similar to how we provide a comparison tool for buying textbooks, we provide you with a way to compare who will give you the best price when selling your textbooks. Koofers does not buy textbooks directly. Instead, on our Textbook Finder, students can find and select the vendor(s) that will offer the best prices to sell their textbooks to.

Flyers FAQs

What are Koofers Flyers?
Koofers Flyers are virtual flyers that appear on the top of many pages on Koofers. The virtual flyer comprises of a title, a short message, an optional image, and an outgoing destination link if clicked. Similar to a college bulletin board, we cycle through virtual flyers posted by students, organizations, clubs, and local businesses at that university.

How soon after my Flyer is created and purchased will it be shown to other students?
Koofers Flyers are added to our flyer rotation immediately after purchase if you have included today's date as part of the display schedule. However, Flyers will be reviewed and can be taken down if its content is found to be offensive or inappropriate. You will be contacted if this occurs.

Can I edit my Flyer after it is created?
Yes. Visit the Flyer Management page to see all flyers you have created. You can click the EDIT button next to the flyer you wish to edit. After saving your edits, the changes will be live immediately. Note that you can only change the content of your flyer, not its schedule.

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