Lecture Notes for CECS 228 - Discrete Struc-Comp Sci Appl I with Ebert at Cal State-Long Beach (CSULB)

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Material Type:Note 1
Class:CECS 228 - Discrete Struc-Comp Sci Appl I
Subject:Computer Engr & Computer Sci
University:California State University - Long Beach
Term:Fall 2002
  • Propositional
  • Contrapositive
  • Either...or
  • Connectives
  • Proposition
  • Consequence
  • Behind (of)
  • Constituent
  • Rationality
  • Interaction
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Lecture 1: Propositional Logic ? Associated reading: Rosen, Section 1.1 ? Homework: Section 1.1, problems 1-23 odd, 37-42 Ingredients of logic: ? used for expressing rules and rationality within a system; i.e. modeling a system ? rules tend to be expressed using logical formulae which may be viewed in two funda- mental ways: - semantics: refers to the meaning behind a string of symbols - syntax: refers to the structure of a string of symbols and the rules which govern the creation of strings of symbols ? rationality within a system tends to depend upon a set of axioms and rules of inference Some different types of logics that are of importance to computer science ? Propositional/Boolean logic: the design of combinatorial electronic circuits; pro- gram control ? Predicate logic: formal specification, prolog programming language ? Higher-order logic: formal verification of hardware ? Sequential/temporal logic: design of computer memory; program concurrency ? Intensional logic: natural language ...

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