Lecture Notes for MATH 115 - APPLIED CALCULUS with Seaton at Rhodes (RC)

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Material Type:Class Note
University:Rhodes College
Term:Fall 2004
  • Unfortunately
  • Concentration
  • Concentration Function
  • Approximation
  • Best Approximation
  • Time Intervals
  • Approximations
  • Different Times
  • Acceleration
  • Time Interval
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Module 4: Areas under curves and Anti -derivatives Problem 1: Velocity from Acceleration. Problem 2: Mass from Concentration, in the outlet pipe Problem 3: Mass from Concentration, in the settlement tank In this module we will see how to calculate total accumulations of quantities from the rate of accumulation. This includes calculating total amounts from densities and concentrations. This type of calculation can also be used to find the area with a curved boundary. The formal mathematical techniques we develope here will be studied in Module 5. 2 Schedule Date Lecture Assignment Wed 29th Oct Problem 1: Speed from acceleration None Fri 31th Oct Finding anti-derivatives Homework 1: Sec 6.1: 1, 2?, 3, 4?, 13, 16?, 37, 40? Sec 8.3: 35, 36?, 39, 40? Fri 7th Nov Areas under curves Homework 2:Exercise on page 9 Mon 10th Nov Problem 2: Finding totalmass flowing into the settle- ment tank Homework 3: Exercise on page 14 Wed 12th Nov Problem 3: Finding total mass in a settlement tank Home...

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