Lecture Notes for LIN 837 - Adv Stdy Semantics & Pragmatic at Michigan State (MSU)

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Material Type:Note
Class:LIN 837 - Adv Stdy Semantics & Pragmatic
University:Michigan State University
Term:Fall 2003
  • Locutionary
  • Locutionary Act
  • Parentheticals
  • Perlocutionary Act
  • Perlocutionary
  • Illocutionary
  • Distinction
  • Questions of Value
  • Circumstances
  • Conventional
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Pragmatics and the Philosophy of Language KENT BACH Many topics in the philosophy of language pertain to pragmatics and there are many to which pragmatics pertains. Ones of the first sort, in PHILOSOPHY OF PRAGMATICS, include performatives, speech acts, communication, conversational implicature, and the question of how to distinguish pragmatic from semantic matters. Topics of the second sort, in APPLIED PRAGMATICS, concern various terms, distinctions, and problems of philosophical interest. Our survey of them will illustrate how certain seemingly semantic problems can be resolved by enforcing a cogent semantic-pragmatic distinction, for in many cases apparent matters of meaning turn out to be matters of use. 0. Brief Background During the first half of the twentieth century, philosophy of language was generally concerned less with language use than with meanings of linguistic expressions. Indeed, meanings were abstracted from the linguistic items that have them, and (indicative) sentences were of...

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