Past Exam for GEOL 127 - HYDROGEOLOGY with Horner at Cal State-Sacramento (CSUS)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
University:California State University - Sacramento
Term:Fall 2007
  • Overland Flow
  • Phreatic Zone
  • Stream Discharge
  • Vadose Zone
  • Water Table
  • Such Factors
  • Meandering Stream
  • Short-Answer Questions
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Precipitation
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Sample Document Text

Name _______________________________ Geology 127 (Hydrogeology) Exam #1 Fall, 2007 Short answer questions (5 points each): 1) How can a storm hydrograph be used to separate baseflow from overland flow? Use the following diagram to explain your answer. Give an equation that describes the duration of overland flow, and label (shade) the overland flow and baseflow areas on the graph. 2) Why is there a lag between the start of precipitation and the start of overland flow on this event hydrograph? 3) Write the hydrologic equation. Make a list of common inflow components, and a list of common outflow components. Inflow Outflow 4) Draw a picture of an engineered monitoring well. Label the parts. 5) How is stream discharge converted to stage? 6) What is the difference between specific yield and specific retention? Give an equation for each. What type of sediment has high specific yield? What type of sediment has high specific retention? 7) Draw a simple sketch that shows how...

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