Past Exam for MKTG 3504 - Advertising with Krishen at Virginia Tech (VT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam
Class:MKTG 3504 - Advertising
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Spring 2006
  • Trading Down
  • Advertising Allowances
  • Gray Market
  • Category Management
  • Salespeople
  • The Channel
  • Product Line
  • Immediately
  • Convenience
  • Profitability
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Sample Document Text

.,' ! A L I Marketing Channels 2 nd Tenn Exam Print Name R Channel Member Selection 1. A~eneral rule, the greater the intensity of distribution: a. the less the emphasis on selection. .. the greater the emphasis on selection. . c. intensity is not related to the selection decision. d. the more complex the issues surrounding selection. e. the development of speCific criteria for channel member selection becomes very important. 2. A sigq.ificant problem with using the sales force to find prospective channel members is that: ~ in many cases salespeople do not know their territories well. . / 11 salespeople are not in a good position to recognize potential new channel ; - members . .... ~ . c. salespeople may not devote much effort to finding new channel members because ~ they may not be adequately rewarded for doing so. --- ' - d. it is very expensive to use salespeople for this purpose. e. salespeople are not trained to evaluate channel members. 3.Typically, the p...

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