Past Exam for MUS 010 - Intro Music Lit with Levy at UC Davis (UCD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:MUS 010 - Intro Music Lit
University:University of California - Davis
Term:Winter 2008
  • Ground Bass
  • Imitative Polyphony
  • Henry Purcell
  • Protestant Reformation
  • Basso Continuo
  • Following Statements
  • The French Revolution
  • French Revolution
  • Provided That
  • Chronological
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Sample Document Text

1Music 10: Sample Midterm Exam YOU MUST COMPLETE THE EXAM ON A SCANTRON FORM 888-E WITH A PENCIL. If you do not have a Scantron form, points will be deducted, but you may take the exam by circling the answers on this xerox copy and writing the essays on paper we provide. Make sure that you have written your NAME and STUDENT ID# on your SCANTRON. Also indicate your DISCUSSION SECTION NUMBER in the box labeled “HOUR.” Section 1: Mon 1-2 Section 2: Mon 2-3 Section 3: Tue 1-2 Section 4: Tue 2-3 Section 5: Wed 4-5 Section 6: Wed 12-1 Section 7: Thu 12-1 Section 8: Fri 3-4 Part I: Listening-based Multiple Choice (2 points each) For each question, fill in the bubble on the Scantron next to the best answer. Listen carefully to the following musical selection before answering questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 on your Scantron Form. It will be played twice. 1. This piece is in: A) duple or quadruple meter B) triple meter 2. This piece is probably from a: A) sonata B) dance suite C) concerto D) symphony 3. The beginning of ...

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