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Past Exam for MATH 130 - Elements of Statistics 1 with Heitmann at Millersville (MILL)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:MATH 130 - Elements of Statistics 1
University:Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Term:Summer 2 2006
  • Libertarian
  • F-Distribution
  • Social Worker
  • Different Colors
  • Simple Random
  • Large Sample
  • Significance Level
  • Correct Answers
  • Following Numbers
  • Random Sample
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Sample Document Text

Math 130 - Elements of Statistics Final Exam July 14, 2006 Name: Note: Show all work. Correct answers without support will receive at most half credit. Draw Pictures. Incorrect answers without support will receive NO credit. Each question is worth 10 points unless noted otherwise. Test 1 Material 1. Beer produced in the USA has a mean alcohol content of = 3.9 with satandard deviation ? = 2.4. By contrast, wine produced in the USA has mean alcohol content = 11.8 with ? = 3.2. Which product has greater alcohol content relative to it's class: Lancaster Brewing Company's "Hop Hog" with 7.9 or Lancaster County Winery's Merlot with 16.1? 2. Rides on the Ferris Wheel at "Community Days, Buchanan Park" held in Lancaster city in May were timed. The following sorted data are the results in seconds. 210 219 222 225 233 234 234 239 241 242 244 252 252 256 (a) Find the median, mode, and range of the data set. (b) Create a 5-number summary of the data (L = nk100) Test 2 Material 3. A health professiona...
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