Past Exam for STAT 100 - ELEM STAT & PROB at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Subject:Statistics and Probability
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 2006
  • Calculators
  • Independence
  • Probabilities
  • Point of View
  • Expected Values
  • Initial Value
  • Initial Condition
  • Value Problem
  • Eigenvectors
  • Eigenvalues
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Sample Document Text

. 1I r .. J' . i '.\ ; ":.4 ------------.--------------------.----~.------------------------------------------.-------- [25] [15] Math 246H Final Exa Fall 2006 M.Jakobson Solve each of the following eight pro lems on a separate answer sheet, using the back of the sheet if necessary. P t your name, section number, the name of your recitation instructor, and th number of the problem on each sheet. Carefully show all your steps and e plain your arguments. Cross out any material that is not to be graded. Y; u may NOT use calculators, notes or texts. 1. Solve the initial value problem. Find the maximal interval in which the solution is valid. y' = -:--;:~====:=::: 2y y(5) = 2 2. (a) A tank contains 10 kg of alt dissolved in 100 liters of water. A solution of salt water cont ining 1 kg/liter flows into the tank at a rate of 5 liters/minute, d well mixed solution flows out of the tank at the same rate. i. Write down an initialalue problem satisfied by the amount ( ...

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