Lecture Notes for ASTR 310 - Galactic&ExtragalactAstronomy with Larson at Yale (Yale)

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Material Type:Outline
Class:ASTR 310 - Galactic&ExtragalactAstronomy
University:Yale University
  • Superclusters
  • Local Group
  • The Local Group
  • Radio Galaxies
  • ***summary***
  • Populations
  • In/on/at a Place
  • Distribution
  • Course Outline
  • Classification
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ASTRONOMY 310a COURSE OUTLINE This course covers the basic astronomy of stars and galaxies that every astronomer needs to know at an intermediate level that assumes a knowledge of basic Freshman mathematics and physics. There are two roughly equal parts, Galactic Astronomy and Extragalactic Astronomy, separated by a midterm exam. Following is a summary of the main topics covered, although there may be some deviation from this exact sequence. A. GALACTIC ASTRONOMY (about 6 weeks) 1. Stellar Distances. A lot of basic astronomy has to do with figuring out how far away things are, and it is covered here, including geometrical parallax methods, stellar photometric systems, and the use of standard candles. 2. Stellar Masses. The use of binary orbits to determine the masses of stars, and the main results obtained, including the stellar mass-luminosity relation and the stellar "initial mass function." 3. Distribution of Stars in Space and Galactic Structure. Old and new ideas a...

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