Past Exam for CHEM 1441 - GENERAL CHEMISTRY I with Tanizaki at Texas - Arlington (UTA)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Subject:Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University:University of Texas - Arlington
Term:Fall 2010
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To Students: This old exam is provided to show students the degree of difficulties and the format of questions they could expect in my exams. However, please advise that this old exam is not meant for preparing you for exams, but is meant as a supplement. Exam questions will be based on lecture materials (concepts and examples), online homework assignments, and the end-of-the-chapter problems suggested in the learning objectives. Seat Number: ID: A Name (Please Print): Last Name First Name 1 CHEM 1441 Exam 1 Instructions: 1. This exam consists of 22 questions. 2. No scratch paper is allowed. You may do the work in the test margins and on the backs of the test pages. 3. Mark the answers you choose on the test itself for your own information and also on the sta...
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