Past Exam for 160 162 - GENERAL CHEMISTRY with Marky at Rutgers (RU)

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Material Type:Mid-Term
University:Rutgers University
Term:Fall 2010
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Exam 1I Tuesday November 9, 2010 in class (lecture). 7:15 PM ? 8:35 PM Same exam location as Exam I. This is just for practice and don?t assume that similar problems or content will or will not be on the exam. Good luck!! P RACTICE XAM HEM E IIC 162F2010 2 NOTE: FILL IN THE COVER SHEET COMPLETELY BEFORE STARTING THE EXAM TO AVOID PENALTY. 1. Consider the following equilibrium: H S(g) + I (s) 2HI(g) + S(s) 2 2 ? K = 1.34 x 10 p - 5 If the initial pressures of H S(g) and of HI(g) are 0.010 atm and 0.0010 atm respectively, 2 which of the statements below is correct when equilibrium is established? A. The pressures of the gases and the amounts of the solids will not change. B. The pressure of HI(g) will increase but the amount of I (s) will decrease. 2 C. The pressure of HI(g) will decrease and the amount of I (s) will decrease. 2 D. The pressure of H S(g) will increase and the amount of S(s) will decrease. 2 E. T...
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