Past Exam for SPHP 112 - INTRO EVAL OF LANG DEVEL with Roseberry-Mckibbin at Cal State-Sacramento (CSUS)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Subject:Speech Pathology and Audiology
University:California State University - Sacramento
  • Parallel Play
  • Cooperative Play
  • Symbolic Play
  • Fast-Mapping
  • Fast Mapping
  • Elementary School
  • Differentiating
  • Social Development
  • Development
  • Differentiate
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Sample Document Text

STUDY GUIDE --SPHP 112--TEST 2 1. Describe Brown's grammatical morphemes. What are the 14 morphemes? 2. Describe the developing skills of preschoolers in the areas of motor development, cognitive development, and social development. What are the milestones we discussed in class! 3. Describe and differentiate between monologues and socialized speech. 4. Describe and differentiate between symbolic play, parallel play, and cooperative play. 5. You have been asked to give an inservice to a group of preschool teachers about discourse skills in preschool children. What will you tell them in your inservice? 6. These teachers also want to know what to expect in terms of narrative development of preschoolers. What will you tell them? 7. The teachers tell you that they need information in the area of vocabulary development as well. Describe what you will say, including differentiating between fast mapping and extended mapping. 8. Define the terms dimensional words, spatial words, kinship words, r...

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