Past Exam for PHYS 1120 - GENERAL PHYSICS 2 at Colorado (CU)

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Material Type:Final
University:University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Closest Answer
  • Energy Incident
  • Loop Current
  • Rectangular
  • Orientation
  • Exam Question
  • Point Charges
  • Transverse Waves
  • Capacitance
  • Configuration
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Vers.0001 1 Final Exam, vers. 0001 - Physics 120 - Fal, 2006 Solutions: 1. An electromagnetic plane wave with intensity I propagates through space and is incident on an absorbing panel as shown in the figure below. The surface of the panel is paralel to the y-z plane, is centered at the point x o , has height h and width w. The plate absorbs al of the energy that is incident upon it. What is the power absorbed by the panel? A) I w h B) I w h / 5 C) I w h / 25 D) 4 I w h / 25 E) Zero Intensity is just "power/area", so power = I*area. The plane wave is uniform, same everywhere, so it's just I*total area of the plate. (This is like a solar panel! If you double the area of the panel, you double the energy you receive) 2. When a violin is played, the bow causes the string to vibrate. The vibrating string causes the body to vibrate and thus sound emanates from the body of the instrument. Consider the following statements: I. Light waves are l...

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