Past Exam for GEOG 100 - INTRO TO GEOGRAPHY with Cirrincione at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
University:University of Maryland
  • Capital Intensive
  • Capital-Intensive
  • Interdependent
  • Concentrated
  • Centripetal
  • Raw Materials
  • Shifting Cultivation
  • Differences
  • Populations
  • Production Costs
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Sample Document Text

GEOGRAPHY 100 OR. CIRRINCIONE - ," . .. ' -' ' .... PRACTICE QUESTIONS FOR EXAi>1 II 1. In contrast to an 'individual in a spatially interdependent society, an individu~l in a spatially restricted society is likely to: a . h av e 9 re a te r 9 eog ra phi cal mobil i ty b. be more aware of modern innovations c. be roore familiar with his/her immediate environment d. be less influenced by climatic factors 2. Nations with populations that double in short time spans 'wi"ll havl~: a. high fertility rates b . h i 9 h dea th ra te s c. many young people d. a and conly 3. A map of world population density would reveal that populat"ion is: a. evenly distributed over the earth b. unevenly distr"ibuted over the earth c. concentrated in population clusters d. concentrated a~long the equator e. both band c 4. Land use patterns associated with intensive agr"iculture in a spat"ially restricted society are characterized by: a. large scale opE!rations on large farms b. sm31l...

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