Past Exam for CHEM 3332 - Fund of Organic Chemistry II with Thummel at Houston (UH)

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Material Type:Exam 1
Class:CHEM 3332 - Fund of Organic Chemistry II
University:University of Houston
Term:Fall 2006
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CHEMISTRY 3332 Name_______________________________________________ FIRST EXAM (print) Last First Dr. R. Thummel 21 September, 2006 Last 4 digits of Student Number__________________________ Please read all directions carefully. Write all answers legibly in the appropriate spaces and THINK about what you are doing. Give only ONE answer for each question (100 pts total). 1. (20 pts) Give a complete and correct name for each of the following: H 3 C CH 3 CH 3 OH (a) CH 3(b) OCH 3 (c) O (d) O H H (e) 2. (16 pts) Devise an efficient series of reactions to carry out the conversion of cyclohexane into BOTH of the products shown below. You may use any needed organic or inorganic reagents. Draw the structure of the reaction product for each step and indicate the reagents over each arrow. Do NOT draw mechanisms. Work carefully and THINK BACKWARDS! OH OH CH 3 ...
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