Past Exam for PHYS 117 - Introduction to Physics with Griffin at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:PHYS 117 - Introduction to Physics
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 2001
  • Horizontally
  • Immediately
  • Acceleration
  • Antiparallel
  • Time Interval
  • Experiences
  • Centripetal
  • Demonstration
  • Identification
  • None of the Above
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Sample Document Text

Exam I: Physics 117 F04 September 29,2004 James 1.. Griffin Physics 2109ITe1.30I-405-6118 Page 1 of 13 (Twelve pages of exam follow.) Physics 117 Exam I, Cover Page A) GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS This exam consists of 60 questions worth two points each for a maximum of 120 points. ALL ANSWERS MUST BE ENTERED INTO THE NCS ANSWER SHEET BY MEANS OF HEA VY BLACK MARKS WITH A NUMBER 2 PENCIL. (Only a pencil mark will work; the optical scanner cannot read inked answers no matter what color or how dark.) The questions are numbered firom 1 to 60: make sure you ~mter your single letter answer into the answer line with the same number as the question you are answering. Only the computer readable NCS answer sheet will be handed in. Keep this exam for you future use. ********** B) PREPARE YOUR ANSWER SHEET IN ADVANCE: 1) SIGN YOUR PERSONAL SIGNATURE INTO THE TOP MARGIN ABOVE THE NAME BOX. 2) PRINT YOUR NAME, FAMILY NAME FIRST, INTO THE BOXES PROVIDED AND DARKEN THE CIRCLE FOR THE CORRESPO...

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