Past Exam for CHEM 131 - CHEM FUNDAMENTALS I with Eichhorn at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 3
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 1998
  • Provided That
  • Electronegativity
  • Quantum Numbers
  • Paramagnetic
  • Total Number
  • Hydrogen Atom
  • Following Sets
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • On the Ground
  • Polar Covalent
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Sample Document Text

'\ CHEM 103 - Dr. Eichhorn Exam ill December 4, 1998 Name ______ . ____________ _ TA ____________ . __ _ 1 . Give the orbital names for the following quantum numbers and quantum numbers for the following orbital names. a) n = 6 c) n=_ 1 = 0 1= name = name =4d 2. Arrange the following in order of increasing: mass V Ti Fe Size Li B 0 Size K+ Ar CI- Z* Fe Ti Cu 1Pl Sc Ge Br 1Pl Sc Y La electronegativity N P As electronegativity Rb Li Cs 3. Give Lewis dvt structures for the following: b) n =._ d) n = 3 lowest (smallest) J, b) CO (4) name = Sf 1= 1= 1 name= ___ _ highest (largest) J, (14) .-..&L_. (example) (12) i 4. For the compound KrF4, give the following information. Clearly identify each part of your answer. a) oxidation states of the atoms: Kr __ , F (15) b) Lewis dot structure: c) electron pair geometry: d) molecular geometry: e) formal charge of the atoms: Kr __ , F __ _ f) individual dipole moments of the bond...

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