Past Exam for CLST 201 - The Mythic Imagination at Christopher Newport (CNU)

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Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:CLST 201 - The Mythic Imagination
Subject:Classical Studies
University:Christopher Newport University
Term:Spring 2008
  • Triptolemus
  • Imagination
  • (to/for) Him/it
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Midterm - Multiple Choice (64%) 1. Athena's "mother" was named: a. Maea b. Leto c. Leda d. Rheia e. Metis 2. The Hymn to Dionysius that we read features: a. bacchae b. satyrs c. pirates d. orgies e. Ampelus 3. Who wrote the so-called "Myth of Er?" a. Aristotle b. Hesiod c. Plato d. Euripides e. Homer 4. Zeus caused Aphrodite to fall in love with which mortal? a. Anchises b. Ganymede c. Paris d. Tithonus e. Peleus 5. Which of the following goddesses was not one of Zeus's wives or consorts? a. Rheia b. Leto c. Maea d. Demeter e. Metis 6. What was the name of the woman whose child Demeter attempted to immortalize? a. DanaŽ b. Myrrhine c. Megara d. Metaneira e. Penelope 7. Which goddess fell in love with Tithonus? a. Aphrodite b. Maea c. Eos d. Iris e. Hestia 8. Where was an oracle that employed oak trees located? a. Mekone b. Delphi c. Delos d. Dodona e. Isthmia 8. Which relative did Dionysus have dismembered by his Bacchae? a. brother b. uncle c. nephew d. 2nd cousin e. 1st cousin 9. What wa...
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