Lecture Notes for SPN 101 - Elementary Spanish I at Rollins College

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Material Type:Note
Class:SPN 101 - Elementary Spanish I
University:Rollins College
Term:Fall 2004
  • Estar (to Be)
  • Emotional States
  • Nationality
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Present Progressive
  • Personality
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Plazas: Capítulo 4 Conjugations and Uses of Estar There are 2 verbs that mean “to be” in Spanish: ser and estar. We previously learned ser and its uses. I want to review these before we discuss estar. Ser soy somos eres sois es son The uses of ser are the following: I Left Pedro’s Cat ‘N’ The Door. I = identity Le = location of events P = profession C = characteristics, personality N = nationality/orign T D = times and dates The other verb is estar. Here are the conjugations of estar: (Make sure you learn the accents!!!! They can change the meaning of the word!!!) Estar estoy estamos estás estáis está están The uses of estar are the following: (You will need to memorize these and write them out in English on the exam!!!) Lisa Picked (Carefully) Every Apple. L = location of people, places, and things (basically location of everything but events); Ex) Orlando is in Florida;...

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