Past Exam for CJ 1010 - Intro to Criminal Justice with Franklin at Southern Utah University (SUU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:CJ 1010 - Intro to Criminal Justice
Subject:Criminal Justice
University:Southern Utah University
  • Community Policing
  • Standard of Proof
  • Assassination
  • Enforcement
  • Particularly
  • Other Crimes
  • Circumstances
  • Role Conflict
  • International Terrorism
  • Change Management
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Sample Document Text

Chapter 6 Policing: Roles, Styles, and Functions Chapter Objectives 1. Identify characteristics of police work. 2. Distinguish among James Q. Wilson’s three operational styles of policing. 3. List the four major functions of police departments. 4. List the drug enforcement strategies of local police agencies. 5. Explain the main components of community policing. 6. Identify the four steps in a community policing approach to problem solving. 7. Define terrorism and identify different types of terrorism. Overview This chapter is about policing in America. The roles of police officers are defined and explained. The characteristics of police work are laid out so that the student may understand the nature of policing. The various operational styles presented by different writers are put forward as an explanation for individual and departmental behavior. The work of James Q. Wilson explains the legalistic style, watchman style and service style of policing. The work of John Broderick...

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