Past Exam for BUS 210 - Record Keeping For Small Business at Solano Community College (SCC)

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Material Type:Exam
Class:BUS 210 - Record Keeping For Small Business
University:Solano Community College
Term:Summer 2008
  • Record Keeping
  • Financial Statement
  • Best Represents
  • Organization
  • Increase Decrease
  • Exam Questions
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Name: ____________________________________ Recordkeeping BUS 210 Tuesday, August 5 and Thursday, August 7, 2008 Exam Questions: 1. What does the A = L + OE equation signify? Name the financial statement it best represents. How do you increase or decrease the values on each side of the equation? 2. Why should you maintain good records for your small business? When should you start keeping records? 3. Provide four (4) of the more common records kept for operating a small business. In your opinion, which is the most essential, why? 4. What is the most important organization tool to you in operating a business? Why? ...
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