Past Exam for MKTG 3161 - Principles of Marketing with Aiken at Macon State (MSC)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:MKTG 3161 - Principles of Marketing
University:Macon State College
Term:Spring 2011
  • Family Life Cycle (flc)
  • Real Self-Image
  • Primary Membership Group
  • Extensive Decision Making
  • Real Self Image
  • Secondary Membership Group
  • External Information Search
  • Selective Distortion
  • Routine Response Behavior
  • Relationship Commitment
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Sample Document Text

Chapter 6 LO1 The Importance of understanding consumer behavior Consumer behavior: how consumers make purchase decisions and how the use and dispose of the purchased goods or services; also includes factors that influence purchase decisions and product use. LO2 Consumer Decision Making Process: 1. Need Recognition: occurs when consumers are faced with an imbalance between actual and desired states that arouses and activates the consumer decision-making process. a. A Want is the new way that a consumer goes about addressing a need. i. Need recognition is triggered when a consumer is exposed to either an internal or an external stimulus. 1. Internal stimuli: occurrences you experience, such as hunger or thirst. 2. External stimuli: influences from an outside source such as someone?s recommendation of a new restaurant, the color of an auto or a brand name mentioned by a friend, or an advertisement on television or radio. a. A marketing manager?s objective is to get...

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