Past Exam for BIO 1421 - MODERN BIOLOGY II with Rast at Texas State (TSUSM)

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Material Type:Final
University:Texas State University - San Marcos
Term:Fall 2010
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Biology Exam 1 1. Which of the following is a characteristic of all living organisms? a)They reproduce sexually b)They obtain nutrients c) They are dependent on photosynthesis d) They require oxygen e) They are made of many cells linked together 2. The smallest living unit is the a) Organ b) Cell c)Organism d)Atom e) Tissue 3. Living things must do all of the following except a) Have sexual reproduction b) Be complex and organized c) respond to stimuli d) acquire and use energy e) grow and reproduce 4. A mutation is defined as a) a physical deformity b) the result of evolution c) a result of irradiation d) a defective egg or sperm cell e)a change in DNA sequence 5. The most accurate meaning of the term evolution is a) adaption b) improvement c)change d)mutation e) natural selection 6. The main difference between an autotroph and a heterotroph is a)how they reproduce b) how they respond to stimuli c) how they ob...
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