Past Exam for MATH 3342 - Mathematical Statistics for Engineers and Scientists at Texas Tech (TTU)

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Material Type:Exam 2
Class:MATH 3342 - Mathematical Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
University:Texas Tech University
Term: 2006
  • Problem Statements
  • Separate Paper
  • Relevant Steps
  • Distribution
  • Question Sheet
  • Probability Sample
  • Observations
  • Random Variable
  • Density Function
  • Geiger Counter
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Math 3342-001 Exam II July 28, 2006 Answer the problems on separate paper. You do not need to rewrite the problem statements on your answer sheets. Do your own work. Show all relevant steps which lead to your solutions. Attach this question sheet to the front of your answer sheets. 1. (8 pts) Suppose that 15% of all children are left-handed. In a class of 18 children, what is the probability that at least three are left-handed? 2. (8 pts) A professor in a statistics course constructs a final exam by selecting six questions at random from a list of eleven questions handed out in advance to the students. Suppose that a particular student has time to prepare answers to the first seven of the eleven questions. What is the probability that the student will be prepared for at least four of the six questions on the exam? 3. (8 pts) The number of raisins in a small cookie from a certain bakery has a Poisson distribution with 2.4 .? = Suppose we take (select independently) two of these cookies. Wh...

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