Past Exam for POLS 1101 - American Government with Haynes at Georgia (UGA)

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Material Type:Exam 1
Class:POLS 1101 - American Government
Subject:Political Science
University:University of Georgia
Term:Spring 2010
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Politics - process through which groups reach an agreement on a collective action-even though they disagree on the intended goals of the action. i. Conflicting interests, values and ideas. ii. We use politics to manage this conflict in a peaceful way. iii. When politics fails, things become violent (civil war) iv. Politics arises because of the need to choose among different options. Different people want different things and thus this causes conflict. a. Prolonged exchange of proposals and counter-proposals (when issues are simple) 1) Bargaining i. A settlement in which each side concedes some of its preferences in order to get other preferences. 1) Not always in self-interest. (moral issues like capital punishment) i) Preferences -individuals and groups know what they want. \"the givens\" a) Happens as a result of bargaining. 2) Compromise ii. Successful politics requires bargaining and compromise. b. The Logic of American Politics I) The more people involved and the mo...
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