Past Exam for MC 101 - Intro To Mass Communic at Alabama (UA)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:MC 101 - Intro To Mass Communic
Subject:MC-Mass Communication
University:University of Alabama
  • Account Management
  • Assassination
  • Movable Type
  • Infomercial
  • The Newspaper
  • Immediately
  • Entertainment
  • Market Research
  • Profitability
  • Brand Image
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Sample Document Text

MC 101 Test #2-2-~SJ~ You can keep your copy of the test this time. 1. An ad~ertiser who makes a false claim about its product would most likely face an investigation and possible legal action by which of the following: / a. Federal Radio Commission V , b. Federal Trade Commisssion @ Federal Communications Commission d. The Ad Council ",' 2. In this "division" or "department" of an advertising agency, the copywriters and graphic artists brainstorm ideas, write the words, and create the images that are used in an ad campaign: a. research b. media buying c. account management @ creative . 3. The audion tube is an invention that made it possible to: / .a. incoporate new video footage into "old" films/pictures, (like Forrest Gump playing football for the Crimson Tide) {b. transmit voices over the electromagnetic spectrum c. identify any person who downloads a Metallica recording using Napster d. measure the effectiveness of radio ads 4. Which of the following landmark event...

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