Past Exam for CHEM 482 - PHYSICAL CHEM II at Maryland (UMD)

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Material Type:Final
University:University of Maryland
  • Energy Level
  • Rate Constants
  • Transitions
  • Combination
  • No Molecules
  • Arrangement
  • Energy Levels
  • Temperature
  • Interaction
  • Molecular Mass
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Che.lstry 482 December 11. 1986 Final Examination Answer only 6 of the 1 questions 1. At the end of the 19th Century, almost all of physics seemed to be able to be explained by the classical mechanics of Newton and Maxwe,ll' s theories of electricit.y and magnetism. By the 1920's physics was in the middle of a fundamental revolution in which quantum mechanics played a central role. Trace the origins of quantum mechanics by describing the key experiments and theories which showed the inadequacies of classical physics and pOinted the way to a new picture of matter and energy. 2. A charged particle or collection of charged particles with non-zero net spin and/or net orbital angular momentum possesses a magnetic moment. This magnetic moment can interact with internally and externally generated magnetic fiE!lds. Use the example of the sodium atom and the proton to show how enE!rgy ·levels change when magnetic interactions are present. Estimate thE! size of the interactions. At roo...

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