Past Exam for ECN 001B - Princ Of Macroecon with Rosario at UC Davis (UCD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Class:ECN 001B - Princ Of Macroecon
University:University of California - Davis
Term:Winter 2005
  • Following Events
  • The Economy
  • Immediately
  • Stagflation
  • Speculation
  • Inventories
  • Opportunity
  • The Tax Multiplier
  • Tax Multiplier
  • Equilibrium Level
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Sample Document Text

Economics 1B B.P. Rosario Winter 2005 Final - Version A Name (Please Print): Section #: Scores: Part I:______________________ Part II: _____________________ Total: ______________________ My TA is: Weijie Jason Please Note: 1. Succinct responses are strongly encouraged. Any erroneous or too much irrelevant information will count against you. Therefore, you will not receive full credit if you provide a complete correct answer but also include erroneous or too much irrelevant information. No credit will be given to answers that do not address the question. 2. Show all your work. Make sure you show all equations used in each calculation. Answers without supporting calculations will receive very little credit. 3. For most questions, you are given a lot more space than you really need. When time is called, please stop work immediately. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternati...

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