Past Exam for CMSC 433 - PROG LANG TECH & PDGMS at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Final
Subject:Computer Science
University:University of Maryland
Term:Spring 2003
  • The Message
  • Assumptions
  • Definitions
  • Disadvantages
  • Exam Question
  • Implementation
  • Design Pattern
  • Return Result
  • Following Statements
  • Abstract Class
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Sample Document Text

Name: Account: 1 Final Exam CMSC 433, Section 0201 Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms Spring 2003 May 22, 2003 Instructions This exam contains 14 pages, including this one. Make sure you have all the pages. Put your name and class account number (last 3 digits only) on each page before starting the exam. Write your answers on the exam sheets. If you finish at least 15 minutes early, bring your exam to the front when you are finished; otherwise, wait until the end of the exam to turn it in. Please be as quiet as possible. If you have a question, raise your hand. If you feel an exam question assumes something that is not written, write it down on your exam sheet. Barring some unforeseen error on the exam, however, you shouldn't need to do this at all, so be careful when making assumptions. You may avail yourself of the punt rule. If you write down punt for a question, your will earn 1/5 of the points for that question (rounded down). You may punt on any number of lettered question, ...

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