Past Exam for COMM 2044 - Principles of Public Relations at Virginia Tech (VT)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 1
Class:COMM 2044 - Principles of Public Relations
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2005
  • Ivy Ledbetter Lee
  • Corporate Web Site
  • Uncontrolled Media
  • Public Relations
  • E. All of the Above
  • Internal Publics
  • Narrowcasting
  • Public Information
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (imc)
  • Public Relations Practitioners
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Sample Document Text

Principles of Public Relations COMM 2044 (91453) Fall 2005 Exam 1 Name: ________________________________ ID #: _______________________ 1. Which of the following describe ways that public relations differs from journalism? A. Scope B. Objectives C. Audiences D. Channels E. All of the Above F. None of the Above 2. Public relations activity is most effective when it is part of A. the dominant coalition of a given organization. B. the dissemination of informational materials. C. the marketing and sales effort. D. the corporate advertising strategy. E. the linking agent function. 3. Effective public relations requires all of the following EXCEPT: A. systematic research B. spontaneous reaction C. problem analysis D. planning E. performance 4. A key concept to consider in PR is that we need to craft different communication strategies to effectively deal with multiple publics. A. True B. False 5. It is most important to keep your client or organization’s goals in mind but to maintain the illusion of two-way communi...

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