Past Exam for CHE 141.00 - General Chemistry II at Illinois State (ILSTU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:CHE 141.00 - General Chemistry II
University:Illinois State University
Term:Fall 2003
  • Concentration
  • Energy Content
  • Orientation
  • Naoh Solution
  • Endothermic
  • Following Equilibrium Reaction
  • Equilibrium Reaction
  • Continuation
  • Partial Pressure
  • Dissociation
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Sample Document Text

Last Name _________________________ First Name______________________ Dr. Cedeņo EXAM 2 October 3rd, 2003 Chemistry 141 Exam No. 211 - Green As soon as you receive this package, fill out the first line on this page then fill out the OPSCAN as follows: I. Fill in your LAST NAME AND FIRST INITIAL II. Fill in your STUDENT ID NUMBER (Social Security) III. Sign your signature on the BACK of the form IV. Print the exam # on the top margin of the OPSCAN sheet DO NOT TURN TO PAGE 2 UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO!!!!!!! You will have 50 minute to complete the exam; however, it shouldn't require nearly that much time, so check your answers carefully. There are 25 multiple-choice questions; each is worth 4 points. The maximum possible score is 100 points. Please bubble one answer only, in pencil, in the appropriate question row on your OPSCAN sheet. You will find a periodic table attached at the end of this booklet. All equations and formulas you may...

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