Past Exam for MATH 121 - COLLEGE ALGEBRA at La Sierra University (LSU)

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Material Type:Final
University:La Sierra University
Term:Fall 2004
  • Earthquake Intensity
  • Magnitude Earthquake
  • Exponential
  • Richter Scale
  • Inverse Function
  • Following Functions
  • Inverse Functions
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Math 121, Practice Questions for Final Note. The final test will be cumulative. For practice, you may wish to review the practice questions for each of the previous tests, as well as the tests and quizzes given this quarter. Included here are some questions over Chapter 4, which is the new material since the last test. See the instructor's website for finals from other terms. Note: in all questions b > 0 and b negationslash= 1 where b is an exponential or logarithmic base. 1. Determine whether the following functions are inverse functions. If they are inverse func- tions, sketch the both functions together on the same coordinate axis without using a graphing calculator. (a) F(x) = 2x?5, G(x) = x + 52 . (b) p(x) = x?52x , q(x) = 2xx?5. 2. (a) Find the inverse function of f(x) = x5 ?3. Verify that the function you have found is the inverse function to f. (b) What is the inverse function of h(x) = log1 4 x? Verify that this is the inverse function, and graph h(x) and its inverse on the same coord...

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