Past Exam for BA 253 - Business Statistics with Huggins at Fort Lewis College (FTLEW)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 4
Class:BA 253 - Business Statistics
Subject:Business Administration
University:Fort Lewis College
Term:Fall 2008
  • Homework Problems
  • Course Webpage
  • Lower Class
  • Relationship
  • Determination
  • No Correlation
  • Square Feet
  • Regression Equation
  • Multiple Regression
  • Sample Proportion
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Names ______________________________ BA 253: Take Home Exam 4 Due Wednesday, 12/10/08 • Exam 4 is a take-home exam and you may work in groups of up to three students. • Use any available technology to solve each problem, unless the problem asks for specific output. • It is in your best interest that you do well on the exam while the rest of the class bombs it! If the average on the exam is 80% or better, great. If the average is below 80%, I will multiply each raw score by a factor (greater than 1) to bring the average up to 80% -- the lower the class average is, the higher the factor by which I will multiply your score. Do not give answers away to students who have not done the work. Are homework problems and exam scores related? The number of homework problems submitted (out of 52 possible) and average exam scores for my current operations management classes (n = 48 students) are available on the course webpage. Use this data to answer problems 1) through 4). 1) (2 point...

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