Past Exam for CSE 687 - Object Oriented Design with Fawcett at Syracuse (SU)

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Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:CSE 687 - Object Oriented Design
Subject:Computer Engineering
University:Syracuse University
Term:Spring 2008
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Sample Document Text

CSE687 Object Oriented Design Midterm #4 Spring 2008 CSE687 Midterm #4 Name: ___________Instructor’s Solution_____________ This is a closed book examination. Please place all your books on the floor beside you. You may keep one page of notes on your desktop in addition to this exam package. All examinations will be collected promptly at the end of the class period. Please be prepared to quickly hand in your examination at that time. If you have any questions, please do not leave your seat. Raise your hand and I will come to your desk to discuss your question. I will answer all questions about the meaning of the wording of any question. I may choose not to answer other questions. You will find it helpful to review all questions before beginning. All questions are given equal weight for grading, but not all questions have the same difficulty. Therefore, it is very much to your advantage to answer first those questions you believe to be easiest. CSE687 Object Oriented Design Midterm #4 Spring 2008 1....

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