Past Exam for BSCI 106 - PRIN BIOL II with Forseth at Maryland (UMD)

Exam Information

Material Type:Mid-Term 2
Subject:Biological Sciences Program
University:University of Maryland
Term:Fall 1996
  • Differences
  • Interbreeding
  • Order of a Group
  • Populations
  • Heterozygous
  • Combinations
  • Generations
  • Relationship
  • Interaction
  • Transitional
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Sample Document Text

f); -' I 'if' . B~~ 1~'; PRlNCIPLES OF BIOLOGY II DR. FORSETH MIDTERM II FALL 1996 LAB SECTION I.A. NAME ss# --_._--_._---- (70) A. Multiple Choice. Cirde the letter or letters that best answer the question or fit the phrase. MORE THAN ONE ANSWER IS POSSIBLE. FOUR points per question. 1. Which of the following statements is true regarding the ploidy level of tissues (i.e. the: number of chromosomes) ? a. Gametes are haploid, In b. Somatic tissues are diploid, 2n. c. Spenn is usually haploid, In. d. An allopolyploid formed from the crossing of species A, with 7 chromosomes, and Species B with 8 chromosomes would have somatic tissues with 30 chromosomes. 2. When meiosis is compared to mitosis, there are some important diffen~nces. In meiosis, a. homologous chromosomes pair up during prophase and anaphase 1. b. sister chromatids divide in the first meiotic division. c. chromatids of homologous chromosomes may cross over and exchange genetk material. d. chromosomes rep...

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