Past Exam for MIS 120 - Adv Oo Bus Programming with Velianitis at Cal State-Sacramento (CSUS)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 2
Class:MIS 120 - Adv Oo Bus Programming
Subject:Management Information Systems
University:California State University - Sacramento
Term:Fall 2007
  • Pessimistic
  • New Parameter
  • Code Example
  • Disconnected
  • Following Statements
  • Transaction
  • Relationships
  • Enumeration
  • Configuration
  • The Message
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Sample Document Text

MIS 120 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 2 Fall 007 NOTE: At least 35 the following questions will be in EXAM 2 Chapter 13: An introduction to database programming 1. The hardware components of a typical multi-user system are a. the data access API, the SQL queries, and the DBMS b. PCs, Macintoshes, and workstations c. the clients, the server, and the network d. the monitor, the hard drive, and the printer ANS: C 2. A system that divides the processing between the clients and the server is called a. a server-based system c. a client/server system b. an enterprise system d. a mainframe system ANS: C 3. To communicate with a DBMS, the application software sends a. command objects c. SQL queries b. dataset requests d. primary keys ANS: C 4. To store the databases of a client/server system, the server requires a. a database management system c. a data access API b. an SQL query ANS: A 5. What does a relational database use to uniquely identify each row in a table? a. indexes c. non-primary keys b. fore...

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