Past Exam for PHYS 135B - College Physics II with Zorba at Whittier College (WHIT)

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Material Type:Mid-Term
Class:PHYS 135B - College Physics II
University:Whittier College
  • Rectangular
  • Induced Current
  • Cell Membrane
  • Current Flow
  • Magnetic Field
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Phys 135B: College Physics II Midterm 2 Solutions Be neat and show all work to get full credit 1- What is the current in amperes if 1200 Na + ions flow across a cell membrane in 3.5 ?s? The charge on the sodium is the same as on an electron, but positive. 2-) A hair dryer draws 7.5 A when plugged into a 120-V line. (a) What is its resistance? (b) How much charge passes through it in 15 min? (Assume direct current.) (a) . (b) 3- (a) In the circuit below, if the load resistor is 1 ?, what terminal voltage will the battery provide? . (b) In the circuit below, find the equivalent resistance between points A and B. 4- A heater coil connected to a 240-V r m s ac line has a resistance of 34 ? (a) What is the peak current? (b) What is the average power used? (c) What are the maximum and minimum values of the instantaneous power? (a) (b) (c) (or 5- A rectangular solid made of carbon (? = 1.68x10 -8 ?-m ) has...
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