Lecture Notes for CSCI 2300 - INTRODUCTION TO ALGORITHMS at Rensselaer (RPI)

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Material Type:Class Note
Subject:Computer Science
University:Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Term:Spring 2001
  • On the Left
  • On the Right
  • Implementation
  • Binary Search
  • Correctness
  • Average-Case
  • Consideration
  • Right-to-Left
  • Source Code
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CSci 2300 | Data Structures and Algorithms Week 7, Class 13 | February 23, 2001 AVL Trees { Balanced Binary Search Trees Test 1 | General Comments Average 77.2. There was no curve. Remember, if this is your lowest test grade of the semester it will only count 5% toward your overall grade. Questions about grading: { Argue only correctness issues, not about point assignments { Refer all questions about correctness to me. We will go over solutions in class. Solutions will also be posted on the web. Review from Class 12 Binary search tree de nitions Binary search tree class overview Core algorithms: insert, nd, and remove Copying and destroying Binary Search Trees | Analysis Analysis is done in terms of the number of nodes, N, stored in the tree. The key consideration is the height of the root. The worst-case for the unbalanced implementation is O(N). BSTs can become \lopsided" quite easily, since input is often nearly or- dered. The average-case height of a BST is O(logN): {...

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