Past Exam for ACCT 200 - Foundations of Accounting at Tennessee (UTK)

Exam Information

Material Type:Exam 3
Class:ACCT 200 - Foundations of Accounting
University:University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Term:Spring 2010
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Sample Document Text

A200 ? Spring 2010 Student name ____________________________ Exam 3 (Ch. 10-14) Last 4 digits of ID number _________________ Version A Section number __________________________ 100 Points possible Instructor?s name ________________________ FILL OUT THE ENTIRE HEADING ON THIS EXAM. FILL OUT YOUR SCAN FORM AS YOUR INSTRUCTOR INDICATES . MARK ON YOUR SCAN FORM THE BEST ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION. ONLY THE ANSWERS YOU MARK ON YOUR SCAN FORM WILL BE GRADED. 1. What is the branch of Accounting that deals with issues internal to a business, such as cost control, product pricing, and differential analysis? a. financial accounting c. managerial accounting b. tax accounting d. internal systems accounting The following applies to questions 2-4: Valades Company manufactures office copiers and sells all it produces. The relevant range of production and sales is shown below, along with a flexible budget for selling expenses: 35,000 units ...
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