Past Exam for 623 370 - MANAGEMENT INFO SYS at Rutgers (RU)

Exam Information

Material Type:Mid-Term
University:Rutgers University
Term:Fall 2008
  • Audio Information
  • Relationship
  • Physical Dimensions
  • Maintenance
  • Assumptions
  • Combination
  • Foreign Key
  • Employee at Will
  • Compression
  • Arrangement
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Sample Document Text

Rutgers University, Business School/Undergraduate New Brunswick Operations Management (33:623:370) Fall 2008; Instructor: Jonathan Eckstein Practice Material from a Prior First Midterm Exam The format of the exam is . (45-50 points) A database design exercise in which you must read a written description of a situation, and design an appropriate database, including an entity-relationship diagram and a database design outline. Q1 and Q2 below are examples of such exercises (but the test itself will only have one such question) . (20-25 points) Storage calculation and data transfer time exercises; Q3 below is an example. . (25-30 points) Multiple choice questions, based primarily on the lecture notes. Small amounts of material on storage calculations and/or database design may also be included. There is no practice material here for the multiple choice section. Q1. Keeping track of print advertising Your firm places advertising in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, ...

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