Past Exam for MATH 1321 - Trigonometry at Texas Tech (TTU)

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Material Type:Exam 3
Class:MATH 1321 - Trigonometry
University:Texas Tech University
Term:Spring 2007
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EXAM Exam 3, Takehome Exam Math 1321, Spring 2007 April 23, 2007 . This is a takehome exam due April 30. . You can look at the book and your notes. You may discuss the exam with other students, but write up your own solutions! . Write all of your answers on separate sheets of paper. You can keep the exam questions. . You must show enough work to justify your answers. Unless otherwise instructed, give exact answers, not approximations (e.g., ?2, not 1.414). . This exam has 8 problems. There are 380 points total. Good luck! Problem 1. A wheel has a radius of 2 feet. If the wheel is rolling along the40 pts. ground and is rotating at 105 revolutions per minute, how fast is it traveling over the ground, in miles per hour? Problem 2. Solve the two triangles with b = 10, A = 20? and a = 5.0. In60 pts. other words, first solve for B, C and c in the triangle A=20? b=10 C c B a=5.0 and then solve for Bprime, Cprime and cprime in the solid triangle below A=20? b=10 C c B a=5.0a' =5.0 c' ...
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