Past Exam for AOE 2074 - Computational Methods with Cliff at Virginia Tech (VT)

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Material Type:Exam 2
Class:AOE 2074 - Computational Methods
Subject:Aerospace and Ocean Engineerin
University:Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Term:Fall 2000
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AOE/ESM 2074 Introduction to Computational Methods Second Examination 9 November 2000 This is a closed-book, closed-notes examination. Be sure that your name is on this sheet and all others that you turn in. Sign the question sheet to indicate that you have not provided or received any unauthorized aid. 1. (25) Given a = bracketleftBig 123;456;789;012 bracketrightBig examine each of the following expressions. If the expression is not legal indicate an error. If the expression is legal indicate its size and its value. i) a(1:3,3) > a(3,:)' ii) a(1:2,1:2)*ones(2,1) iii) a(:,3) > a(3,1) iv) a(2:3,:) + a(1,1) v) a(:,2) > a(3,:)' 2. (25)Suppose you aregiven a data?le data.mat thatcontains two n1 Matlabarrays, called x and y, and two character arrays lab x and lab y (these are ''labels" for the data) . Write a Matlab script ?le that will: 1. read in the data from the data.mat ?le; 2. plot the data points on plane Cartesian axes as red circles; 3. label the axes using the supplied character ...

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