Past Exam for GEOL 125 - Natural Disasters with Lambert at Kansas State (KSU)

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Material Type:Exam 1
Class:GEOL 125 - Natural Disasters
University:Kansas State University
Term:Fall 2010
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GEOL 125 EXAM 1 VERSION 1 SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 1) What is the name of this class? A) Earth through Time. B) Earth in Action. C) Physical Geography. D) Natural Disasters. 2) Who wrote the textbook for this class? A) We don?t have a textbook. B) George Clark. C) Keith Miller. D) Michael Lambert. 3) Who teaches this class? A) Alan Archer. B) George Clark. C) Keith Miller. D) Michael Lambert. 4) On Earth, where do most earthquakes and volcanoes happen? A) At the boundaries of tectonic plates. B) Over mantle plumes. C) In the interior of tectonic plates. D) They happen at random locations. 5) Where would you expect earthquakes, but no volcanoes? A) Earthquakes and volcanoes happen at random locations. B) At continental-continental convergent plate tectonic boundaries and at transform plate tectonic boundaries. C) I would expect both earthquakes and volcanoes at all plate tecto...
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