Past Exam for CHE 118A - Organic Chem Health Sci with Schore at UC Davis (UCD)

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Material Type:Final
Class:CHE 118A - Organic Chem Health Sci
University:University of California - Davis
Term:Fall 2009
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Name Page 1 ------------------------ Chemistry 118A Final Student lD No. ________ _ Fall 2002 December 10, 2002 I TAName This exam contains 10 pages and 5 problems. When you are told to start, check to see that all the pages are there. If not, ask for help now. No adjustments will be made later. 1. ( 24 pts) The molecule pictured below (a steroid) contains many functional groups. From the list of names below, identify as many functional groups as you can in the molecule, by circling the group and writing by the circle the letter corresponding to the correct name. One is done for you to illustrate how. ~OH A- alcohol G- carboxylic acid M- B- aldehyde H- ester N- C- alkene 1- ether 0- D- amide J- halo alkane E- amine K- ketone F- benzene L- lactone PROBLEM POINTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. TOTAL nitrile sulfone thiol Page 2 Nrune ________________________ __ 2...
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