Past Exam for CIS 3380 - ENT IT & BUS INTEL with Jetton at Texas State (TSUSM)

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Material Type:Exam 1
Class:CIS 3380 - ENT IT & BUS INTEL
Subject:Computer Information Sys
University:Texas State University - San Marcos
Term:Fall 2010
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Modern Enterprise IT (day1) Integration - Data is available throughout the organization rather than compartmentalized or duplicated ? AKA Sharing, - Business processes are integrated to enable actions to feed other actions automatically with less human attention, duplication of labor reentry of date, error. - Hackers What do/should IT managers worry about? - Identity Theft - Security Threats - Employee abuse of info & resources - Compromised Credit/Debit Cards - Keeping up in the mobile app space - Social Media - Partners/Suppliers - Outages - Downtime - Green Computing - Multi-channel - Back ups - Disaster/Recovery - Software Releases - The public internet as the ?pipeline? Connectivity for enterprise IT is achieved how? - The information generated is called ?business intelligence? or BI What allows suggestive sells and/or targeted emails? - Suggestive sells are based on Data/BI - I.E. ...
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